November 21, 2020


Circle of Care is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Passaic County youth (ages 5-21) and their families. Our goal is to help families attain positive outcomes for their children in their own homes and communities. Learn more about our mission.

What We Do

We believe in a model of care that is family-driven, culturally competent, and community-based. Using both formal (ex. therapist) and informal (ex. neighbor) support, we build on the strengths of the family and the community to enhance the quality of life for the children we serve.

How We Do It

When referred to Circle of Care, your assigned Care Manager will help you build a Child-Family Team according to the WRAParound philosophy.

In order to provide Passaic County families with comprehensive, strength-based care management, Circle of Care is guided by Wraparound Philosophy. Learn more about the WRAParound model here.

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